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I, myself, have been involved in search engine optimization since the beginning of the internet in 1990. As more and more search engines came into existance the desire for more businesses and individuals to promote their products and services.
In the mid to late 90`s, after the birth of AOL, Yahoo, and Google the push for search engine marketing really came alive.
Many of my team members have numerous years of practice and experience in various marketing techniques and can help your business.
In our newsletters and our blogs, it is our desire to develope a relationship with you and to keep you informed as to what is happenning both in the general world of search and search engine optimization, as well as, the ever changing landscape of search engine marketing.

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Newsletters and BLOGs

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Newsletters and blogs can be good marketing tools just as emails and websites for business as marketing products and services. These tools when used properly can be as compelling as content on webpages.
When people come to them or recieve them they are looking for something just as they do anywhere else on the web. They are seeking information of some sort on products or services usually before they purchase.
Just as with our main pages on a website they should be search engine optimized, content optimized, and focused ready for the close or atleast offering a means to read more about the products and services.
Our newsletters are based on informing you about search, search engine optimization, and search engine marketing. Where as our blogs are more about how to help you or other webmasters as far as things such as source coding, hreflang, attributes, copywriting, and so on not excluding analytics as well as tools.
Because we are affiliated with and in partnership with so many SEO services and Marketing agencies from time to time we may pass along a promotion to you to try their services.
Though we would prefer that you remain our customer we know there may be some services that are cheaper elsewhere or offer something that we may not currently be offering.
*Remember you are not locked into an extended contract and even if you leave us you are welcome back at any time... We want you to have a pleasant SEO and SEM experience and to help you grow your business.

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