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  Behavioral Psychology and Marketing 09/28/2020 2:44am (UTC)
When I think of unique relevant quality content I also look at unique personal human identifiers which set each person apart from another.

Yes most people think in terms of fingerprints, DNA, hair fragments, fingernails, toenails, and so on... Or at least that has been my experience.

Profilers spend countless hours examining people and how similar and yet different each person is or isn't. This is a emotional to rational to other stages in - of - and about the mind which motivates us to do or act in a certain way a.k.a. Behavioral Psychology and Modification. We generally associate this with those having emotional or mental issues BUT what about marketing... Absolutely! a.k.a. Behavioral Psychology and Marketing

From the time we were born to the end we are directed as to how to observe, create emotions both internally and externally, and how to act and react. Rather we see it, smell it, taste it, feel it, or hear it we respond as such.

Marketing Psychology is not a new concept... And we as digital marketers just like the advertising agencies of yester-year utilize a variety of strategies to get your services and or products found, found and more significant in a target market, and create conversionary selling ie call to action points. This is done both of course on your websites and off through a variety of channels. We in the days of old didn't just set behinde a desk in an office, and neither does your professional marketers behinde your websites.

Small businesses to corporate interest use to and still do spend thousands of dollars on TV and radio commercials, small and big magazine and newspaper advertizing, big billboards, and so on to get and keep their names and brands in front of you.

The internet is in reality no different perse'. We use our pcs, laptops, tables, and cellphones almost from the time we awake until we go to bed. Pop-up ads, pop-under ads, YouTube shorts, Podcast, webinars, banners, creatives, newletters and business emails all have one major desire to capture your business.

Even today's apps are loaded with pop-up ads and pop-under ads either via the hosting platform ie Google Play, Apple, ITunes or the app provider, or the business itself and you either hit the X ( opt out ) or click on ( opt in ) the ads and pay for their movie, short trailer, product and or product line, or services.

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