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Everybody Wants Free Website Traffic

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We are always asked how to get free website traffic and secondly website traffic that converts into sales.
Nobody just builds a website or starts a blog without wanting others to visit it and to buy their products and or services, or in the cas of a blog to read it.
Everytime somebody goes to Google, Bing, or some other search engine and types in a query they are looking for an answer or to buy a product or find a service.
If you are reading this you are no different ~ you want traffic to your website, and preferably traffic that converts to sales. We explain to you how to generate website traffic and we can help you convert traffic.
Some of the basic questions asked begin with "What", "Where", "Who", "When", "Why", and "How". The second part of a question is usually generic in nature or keyword specific. Unless someone who is searching knows exactly what your "Brand" name is and they include it in their question chances are you are not going to get much traffic.
Within the content of your website there will be certain words and word patterns which will help search engines to index your website and create some traffic to your website based on users seeking and hoping to find what they want, need, or desire.
There are hundreds of websites on the internet promising free website traffic but if it isn`t relevant traffic then it isn`t quality traffic. Additionally, they will give you a good line that if you buy something from them then they will either just give you more worthless traffic or some actual focused traffic, sometimes called funnel traffic.
SEO is What we do which is much more. We don`t just have you create an account and submit your website to a directory of websites that are in catagories and hope that someone writes a review after a 3 second visit.
We actually rework your website to one) work fast, functionable and users friendly two) create content that is keyword focused, search engine visible, and easily found in search engine results positions three) website optimized for conversion four) and much more.
Take your time and look around our website and if you have any questions feel free to ask and either I or one of my team will be happy to assist you.
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