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  Google Algorithms 09/28/2020 2:35am (UTC)
Google Algorithm Changes

AlgoRithms | Panda Penguin Pigeon BrainRank and more

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Before we begin lets define each of the following algorithms:

Each of these algorithms effect your site`s ability to be found by potential customers. Who establishes, defines, and releases these algorithms is Google. While other seach engines release their own algorithms these 4 are utilized by the most used and best known search engine globally. Google is used by hundreds of millions daily worldwide. A popular statement is, "Just Google IT !" With that said if your site is not found within the first page that appears chances are you are not getting the traffic you deserve. Those of us within the SEO industry monitor these 4 and others as they are released by Google and others as they have been and are released by the other search engines. You can read more about these algorithms through SearchEngineLand, SearchEngineWatch, SearchEngineJournal, and many other popular online magazine style services or follow them on my rss feed at BroFarOpsSEO News

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