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A Marketing Strategy That Works

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I was reading this article "10 Easy Small Business Marketing Strategies That Work" by Charlie Cook which not only is a good article but when put in practice can be very lucrative.

How to Make Your Marketing Work To Grow Your Business

  • 1. Put your prospects’ interests first in every aspect of your marketing.
  • Learning your target market and what they want, need, and or desire can make you a leader in your industry and your niche. Listen to what they are saying and give it to them. Macy`s did that years ago and became a huge leader in the shopping department world / marketplace.

  • 2. Get your prospects attention by leading with a focus on their primary concern or challenge. This applies to everything from your ads, your sales letters, your website, your client contacts, conversations and even your business card.
  • Relating back to Macy`s when they ran out of a product their sales associates stepped up and started referring customers to other department stores. They listened to their customers concerns and responded. Their customers reviews went through the roof.

  • 3. Give away something your prospects want. A well-written report can attract tens of thousands to your web site or a free course can get qualified prospects into your office.
  • Companies are all the time giving away free stuff and people, customers, love free stuff. We offer free audits, free seo tools, free search news, and more.

  • 4. Demonstrate your expertise. Whether you’are an accountant or sell tires, give them ideas they can immediately use. Do this again and again and they’will soon look to you for advice.
  • As an example I am always contributing to blogs, forums, discussions, seminars, and conferences. I have 4 decades of experience in the "CompuWorld" which puts me in a class of uniquely qualified experts. As such I am asked questions and answer questions almost 24 / 7...

  • 5. Provide proof that you can help your prospects reach their goals. Feature past client case studies and testimonials that give specifics about the results your products and services provide.
  • Because most of my clients past and present have NDA(s) I personnally can`t say much but there are plenty of review sites where clients / customers leave comments as to how individuals and businesses have proformed their jobs. Yelp, Linkreferral, MerchantCircle and others write regular reviews to better assist those searching for particular products, and or services.

  • 6. Build a relationship with your prospects so they know you and trust you. Ultimately, people decide whom to buy from based on gut instincts. A strong relationship with a prospect is an unshakable competitive advantage.
  • Through various social platforms and networks your engagement in discussions are important.

  • 7. Clarify the value of your each of your products and services by detailing the benefits in terms of your prospects’ interests.
  • The benefits of SEO far outweigh those who don`t know or those who do nothing. As far as what we do we have a full page that detail these, results, and the benefits.

  • 8. Give prospects a reason to buy from you today. What’s an added benefit or time-limited incentive you can use to prompt a purchase? Depending on what you’re selling, you could use something as simple as an added special report or as lavish as a paid three-day vacation to Hawaii.
  • There are many reasons to start using an SEO service but our SEO services are uniquely different than our competion. The benefits of having the right SEO service can be the difference of night and day. WE have the charts and the graphs of 25 years on the internet and follow the trends in hundreds of industries.

  • 9. Provide pricing information in the context of your prospects’ interests. First get your prospects to detail what they want and then tell them the cost.
  • We do not provide our SEO prices on this site for a couple of reasons. One every website is different and some require much more attention than others. Not every website is 100 to thousands of pages deep either. We believe that not all website should be treated equally and you shouldn`t pay equally. Each site is on a case by case agreement.

  • 10. Once a prospect becomes a client, keep giving them the marketing information they want. Continue to educate them about ways you can help them reach their goals and you’will create even more opportunities to give them the products and services they want.
  • Because SEO is an ever changing process and so is search engine technology we will continue to provide regular updates as they become available. We believe all parties involved from prospective clients to SEO professionals should be aware and have the opportunities to make any and all effort to correct their websites.

So that’is the inside secrets of marketing that works. Put your prospects’ and your clients’ interests first and they’ll reward you with their business.

We recommend for those wishing to go deeper or further this SEO Strategies Resources Guide by Jason Acidre

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