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  SEO Education 09/28/2020 3:20am (UTC)
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We have been asked... What is SEO or search engine optimization?

By: Robert BrownFarley
Several times over the years we have been asked what is search engine optimization, "SEO", and do we really need to do it by our clients.
Of course, we encourage all our clients to not only use our services but to learn it. No, you don`t need to do "SEO" and it isn`t an absolute but... Why wouldn`t you when you discover the benefits of either learning it and doing it yourself or hiring those who are knowledgable.
If you are in business and utilizing the web / internet you are more than likely wanting clients and or customers depending on your business niche. And with most all businesses there is an inherited need to advertise / market your business to increase visibilty to bring clients or customers into your place of business.
By learning and doing good "SEO" practices you can and most likely will find streams of clients and or customers that are lookong for what you have to offer.
Those of us who actually do "SEO" are professional advertising / marketing specialist and are results driven to help you succeed and to continue to help your business grow.
In this next section below we will be providing you with various insights and resources of the "SEO" industry and how we help you to achieve you business goals and educate you, the client, on the "SEO".
The first place to begin is: SEO Dictionary - Search Engine Marketing Glossary - Agent SEO
The second place is MOZ: Beginner`s Guide to SEO - MOZ

Five Types of Optimization

  • website optimization is the field of knowledge about increasing the speed in which web pages are downloaded and displayed on the user's web browser
  • landing page optimization is one part of a broader Internet marketing process called conversion optimization, or conversion rate optimization, with the goal of improving the percentage of visitors to the website that become sales leads and customers
  • search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the visibility of a website or a web page in a search
  • content optimization, you are providing essential data that search engines will use to determine what your content and, by extension, your business is all about
  • conversion optimization, or conversion rate optimization is the method of creating an experience for a website or landing page visitor with the goal of increasing the percentage of visitors that convert into customers. It is also commonly referred to as CRO

SEO Education

SEO Learning Resources

  • Bruce Clay Inc
  • Search Engine Land
  • Search Engine Watch
  • Udemy

  • This is just a short list of valuable educational SEO and SEM resources

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