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  SEO and Marketing today 09/28/2020 2:42am (UTC)
SEO and marketing today
by Ameet Chhimpa

Well, people want simplified hacks in life. They do not care of nerd speculations. Getting things very simplified and easy to grasp, keep people engaged and satisfied. It is important to understand what role you are in. When people start to architect without giving up on the ideas, they become extremely popular.

Let’s buzz over SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is amazingly evolving now a days.

Before coming to board, all we have to understand is the nature of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) over Google and other search engines.

Huge chunk of content is already available on web. People type in Google for queries and different suggestions. They get appropriate recommendations and results. Content is in various forms. It can be text, audio and/or video. Taking a step back and looking at what really matters for Google and other top search engines, have become a matter of seeking a concrete answer.

We know millions of millions of millions websites are available on web today. Different organizations have got to fulfill their customers through services and products unlike traditional marketing methods. Today, smarter you are, the better you are going to put yourself into spotlight.

Google is a largest and very evolving search engine irrespective of others. We search for information over it. How hard it might be for Google to get you what you want upon your typed query? It’s incredibly frustrating. Isn’t it? Well, it’s not the way we think.

With the technological revolution, people are getting smarter and very advanced. Those who maintain everything and get us what we want, take care of Google’s maintenance. It’s gorgeously remarkable indeed. Yes, we must have faith on it. Lol...

So, coming to point, webpages over web have potentially relevant and very precise information. Eventually, how do you get your search results and Google figures out as what to show?

Huh, it’s tricky because Google plans everything in advance before the journey of typing the query starts.

Google works over Crawling and Indexing, Search Algorithms, and useful responses.

What is Crawling and Indexing?

These are the two terms upon which the entire satisfaction lies. These are such two terms are called basics of SEO.

Crawling stands for following website links and to crawl the website completely.

Indexing stands for processing webpages to adding into Google search.

You wanted to get seen among millions of others on this planet!!

What can make one down and to have short temper when putting efforts and doing necessary attempts, one is still set apart. It is hilarious for a while!! It’s correct to a great degree that you would set off your interest doing this further more. Well, wait for a moment!! The world is full of solutions to your queries that is why Google is at its pace to serve people as speedy as possible.

Steps to get seen over search engines

Domain Name:

When your website comes with a domain name, it adds on credibility to your business and online status. Your company and its online identity, has got to look genuine and very professional. This way the domain name can inspire Google and can rank the site on top ranking pages.


It’s like the large amount of money you have in your bank, the more you feel proud of yourself, the larger your creditability you can set forth among people. It’s cool. The same way, the search engines look for reputed backlines and your website becomes trustworthy when you have more backlines.

Internal Links:

Establishing on-site internal linking can built your site an-SEO-friendly. It will be a best SEO practice to prepare for on-site internal linking with various web pages of your site. It allows access to Google Spiders so that they can list down your pages in the search engines’ indices to get your site seen.

XML Sitemap

In a presidential elections, many legislative and parliamentarians participate. In the electoral process, different contesting parties would take part in. Any party wins when their members or parliamentarians win in their respective areas of battle against different parties’ member. The same way, your website won’t be ranked on Google but its web pages. So, you won!! It is important to have an XML Sitemap on your website so that it will be easier for Google to find your site’s pages and rank them well, so is your site.

URL Canonicalization

URL Canonicalization is important for best SEO practice to perform. The URL format must have to be same so that Google can pick it for ranking. Google might think it to be the best representative from other sites’ URLs. So, do use URLs during internal link building practice to rank better and gain huge credibility in eyes of Google.


Meta-tags are called the basic elements of SEO. They play a pivotal role in ranking factor. They play a greater role in your Site’s SEO. You can’t visibly see Meta-tags when browsing the sites. But all great, Google and other search engines have the power to look at where Meta-tags are and what they say about the sites and what exactly your keywords are.

Duplicate Content

Google is sharp and very active in blocking sites having duplicate website. It unethical. Google seems it to be very bad practice. Once Google and other search engines find your website is having duplicate content, you are finished!!! You will be set immediately out of the game. So, it is important to keep fresh and updated content over websites in order to rank well in search ranking list. Content is king!! Hence, it is really quite essential to keep content as fresh and updated as possible.

Above are the best SEO practices to look for. When they are performed, your site will start to rank and you will gain lots of credibility and advantages for being ranked. Because quality SEO practices are always rewarded and attract people’s loyalty.

To be continued


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