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  Travel Agencies and SEO 09/28/2020 1:13am (UTC)
When we think of SEO one might think of two big industries that are highly visible on the internet, pornography and travel sites.
So why and what do you or should I say we have to do to get your website(s) as visible... (?)
Both of these industries are extremely competitive when it comes to constantly coming up with fresh content rather it's new pictures, new videos, new travel fairs, new destinations, and doing on page SEO and off page SEO, SEM, offer various discounts, getting reviews, and do tons of social media with and without engagement. They directly offer their visitors what they are seeking rather it's a fetish or favored destination.

One of the first steps you as a business owner to be is finding the right type of website is best for you as there are numerous types.
We, ourselves, have several types from a simply an internet only travel agency storefront, to a multi-integrated multi-aggregated provider portal whereas the customer can walk in a book directly with us, which also means we can offer direct discounts.
Each type has its own methodology as to what type of SEO is required both on page and off page and how much effort social media is needed.

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