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  Venkataramana Rolla 02/17/2019 6:16am (UTC)
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Venkataramana Rolla, ebook author, Digital Marketing Specialist, and SEO consultant

Venkataramana Rolla has been freelance writer and Digital Marketing consultant for more than 5 years. Rolla provides ghost writing, SEO article writing, blog post writing, ebooks writing, WhitePaper writing and some more besides offering SEO services for websites.
Rolla is an Engineering graduate, but ventured into writing through interest and eventually transported successfully into Digital Marketing field too.
Rolla’s writing skills are regularly being used by many employers at and acquired feedback scores at this place from employers are remarkable.
Writing on latest technology topics including SEO topics are always a great interest for Rolla besides being first to point out the mistakes and errors of the technological giants at the popular social media networking site LinkedIn.

Venkataramana Rolla journey into the internet world as a professional started as a writer and this successfully made professional to enter into Digital Marketing field down the line too.
Rolla`s articles, website content and published ebooks are seen at the most prominent places online regularly.
Now, Rolla`s main aim is to be of right service for the online world for writing as well as SEO needs besides determined well to fight for the right cause online too.
Rolla`s main aim is always to create a better and safer online world for all through pointing out mistakes and possible future threats for the online world openly online from the popular social networking sites.

The above link will take you to my working and feedback acquired from my employers in detail.. Though, I started my career as a freelance writer, my work exposure successfully connected me with the Digital Marketing techniques such as SEO. SEM and SMM.
Venkataramana Rol

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