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Double your sales using our Website Analytics

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Our website analytics are composed of three different website analytic platforms: Google Analytics, Statcounter Analytics, and ClickTale Analytics...
If you are familiar with Google Analytics you know most all websites on the web / internet use them along with many other Google products - Google Webmaster Tools, Google AdWords, just to name two.
I, myself, have used Statcounter since their beginning and have found them to be vary reliable. Recently, they have added Google Analytics to their platform via importing.- for those whom use Google Webmaster Tools.
I recently started employing ClickTale Analytics on many of our clients websites and started seeing many good results. Many have doubled and even tripled their conversions and seen their sales skyrocket.
These three services by themselves are very useful but together they are very powerful in the right hands...
As your SEO professional we will do everything we can within our means to help you, your website, and your business strive and grow.

Our Website Analytics

SEO Website Audits Everthing You Need To Know
  • Here is a brief Summary of some of the analytical data that you can recieve by using our services.
  • We monitor your website Hourly, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly for a varitey of traffic incoming and outgoing from your website.
  • We want to know what your Popular Pages are so we can tailor your target market products and or services. If you are doing PPC or CPC campaigns this is especially helpful.
  • Not everyone will enter your on the landing page or home page so monitor all your Entry Pages. Plus there may be an occassion when you want to focus your efforts in other areas to best monatize your website.
  • Exit Pages and Incoming Pages are really important to converting visitors into customers and or clients
  • When you or we generate Incoming Traffic there are many things to be mindful of and from the front to the back monitoring.
  • We track where your traffic Came From rather by search engine or social activity.
  • We do Keyword Analysis when available. Some times we run into "Not Provided" due to certain unforseen reasons.
  • We monitor both Free and Paid Traffic activities as they come to your website.
  • We know where your Recent Traffic Came From thus being able to tailor certain promotions.
  • As we stated above we monitor Recent Keyword Activity giving you an edge to build traffic.
  • We monitor Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other Search Engine activity to help grow your website presence.
  • Other areas we monitor for you

  • Exit Link Activity
  • Download Activity
  • Visitor Paths, Visit Length, as well as, Returning Visits
  • Recent Pageload Activity and Recent Visitor Activity
  • Recent Visitor Map and Country/State/City/ISP data
and more...

Data Mining: What is Data Mining?

Essentially Website AnalyticsandData Mininggo hand in hand to help you promote your products and services better not only onpage but offpage. So lets look at what is Data Mining
KMT data mining Double your conversions, make more sales, you can with ClickTale
Website Analytics

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