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  backend tools 06/25/2019 7:42pm (UTC)
Backend tools, including Web analytic tools and HTML validators, provide data on a website and its visitors and allow the success of a website to be measured.
They range from simple traffic counters to tools that work with log files and to more sophisticated tools that are based on page tagging (putting JavaScriptor an image on a page to track actions).
These tools can deliver conversion-related information.

There are three major tools used by EBSCO: (a) log file analyzing tool: WebTrendsby NetiQ; (b) tag-based analytic programs WebSideStory's Hitbox; (c) transaction-based tool: TeaLeaf RealiTea.

Validators check the invisible parts of websites, highlighting potential problems and many usability issues ensure websites meets W3C code standards.
Try to use more than one HTMLvalidator or spider simulator because each tests, highlights, and reports on slightly different aspects of your website.

I also recommend using Copyscape and Siteliner.

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