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  bounce rate verses click through rate 09/28/2020 2:03am (UTC)
Lets examine Bounce Rate verses Click-through Rate and why bounce rate is really an important metric to observe and understand to improve your website entry pages especially the initial home page and campaign(s) to come.
If visitors are trafficking to your website but immediately leaving then they either found their answer(s) to their queries on that specific page OR found that page useless and immediately left.
Google's Hummingbird algorithm and RankBrain are suppose to direct visitors to the most relevant website pages based on user queries. However, it is fundamentally your website content crafter's ability to create pertinent well crafted unique relevant quality content.
Thus reducing the bounce rate for the homepage, or any other page through which visitors may enter a website.

Example: If the bounce rate from your homepage is 50%, that means that 50% of your visitors found your homepage not useful or not impressive enough to convince them to purchase from you.

The metric is designed to tell you how your homepage or other entry pages are performing. Keep in mind that different types of products, services, or information, will have different bounce rates as a general rule of thumb.

How can one improve their bounce rate?

The first thing that jumps out at most visitors is based upon “first impressions are the most important”. My Dad said that statement time and time again over the years. Your eyes and how your abilities as you approach a website are not the same as mine. Thus, I call upon others in my office, friends, and others whom I feel will give it to me straight as you really don't get much of a second chance to make an impression.
Visitors of the website may not be so generous so that first impression may be the only chance you will ever get. If visitors are leaving quickly, make sure that your content and search terms are on target and relevant.

What is Click-through rate?

Click-through rate tells you how many people are clicking through to your site from a third-party website period.

Example from a link, search engine, banner, advertising or email campaign.

Your click-through rate tells you what is working and the success of your campaigns. Using this knowledge to determine which strategy is the most effective and focus your energy there.
If it's a link from your blog or someone else's then become a regular visitor / commenter, if it's banners then seek out others who would be willing to add your banners... and so on.
However, this does not properly reflect on your bounce rate though visitors may be arriving via third-party websites and leaving quickly. This may actually driving your bounce rate higher than normal.

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