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  brand awareness 07/13/2020 9:45pm (UTC)
Why you need your brand to be infront of the packyour brand, your customers, your reputation, your value, you
If you are on the Internet as a business, or a user of the internet, then you already know how important brand names are to your life.

As a search engine optimization professional it is fundamental that I and my team get your name, brand, goods and or services out into the marketplace and in front of your prospective customers and or clients.

This is way more than just creating a website template or webdesign and tweak source codes, though these are important as you want your website to work correctly.

When someone types a query on a search engine such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Naver, DuckDuckGo, Bing and so on you want your brand to be in and amongst those found on the first page.

The questions become as to how you and your brand get before the right audience as relevant to their query and how these search engines index your name, brand, goods and services.

Continuously write Unique Relevant Quality Content both onpage and off page.

If you look around our website you will see unique relevant quality content and what we mean

Search Engine Optimization a.k.a. SEO

We help make your website visible on search engines and develop "organic" traffic

Get listed in Google recognized directories ie... YP, GoogleMyBusiness, ezlocal, MerchantCircle, and so on. Google does not recognize all directories.

Search Engine Marketing a.k.a. SEM

If you have ever heard of PPC, CPC, CPI, AdWords then you somewhat know abit about advertising via the internet but there is more to it.

Social Media Marketing a.k.a. SMM

Just like the big search engines Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and so on have their own advertising platforms.

Social Media Engagement a.k.a. SME

Many brands will do a great job of advertising but overlook engaging their customers feedback commentary. Customers like brands that interact.

Article Optimization both on-site and blogging

This is learning how to not only get people to read what you have written but also allow search engines to properly categorize and index your materials.

Authoritive Comments on other individual's articles and or blogs.

If you can provide additional information and or resources which can be benificial or have relevant questions open up a dialogue and give any supporting research. The author if they have done their homework will discuss the topic with enthusiasm or answer the questions with what they have learned.

This is a short list but there are many more ways to get you and your brand noticed.

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