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Call To Action Marketing

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In marketing, a call to action (CTA) is an instruction to the individuals and to audiences to provoke or compell an immediate response, usually using an imperative verb such as "call now", "find out more" or "visit a store today".
There are hundreds of these call to actions that businesses use both off the web and on the web. We hear them everyday on TV, radio, and in our daily conversations.
Do we always recognize them? No, but our ears, our eyes, and even our brains pick up on them and we follow them with interest.
Not all call to actions are obvious while others such as direct commercials on billboards, radio, TV, and other commercial channels are repeated numerous times throughout a day and over a period of time such as weeks, months, seasonally, or over a holiday.
Yup! as the holidays approach we are blasted thousands of times to buy various products and or services. On the internet this is really no different as millions of businesses compete for your business.
On the internet we call these call to actions, affiliate marketing via various creatives, email marketing, SMS marketing, infograph marketing, video marketing, and so on.
Social Media such as Twitter has some of the most common call to actions from #FollowUs, #ReTweet, #TeamFollowBack and many many more. Facebook uses the #Like button. Linkedin uses #Comment, #Follow, #Respond, #Accept, #Reply, and some others.
With emails, newsletters, articles, and blogs we are often lead to read more... which sends us off to other locations either within a particular website or to other websites as resources, products, or other services a website owner may have an interest in.
We as marketing professionals place these call to actions, either as keywords, key phrases, text adds, banners, and so on in areas around your website as well as around the web in order to create and increase visibility of websites, products, and or services. Read More...

What Is a Call-to-Action ?

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