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  digital security and seo 09/28/2020 1:45am (UTC)
Recently there was some big news coming to light in the world of digital marketing... John M @ Google announced HTTPS protocal will recieve a slight increase / boost in SERP.
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HTTPS vs HTTP and Your Website

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Recently John Mueller @ Google came forth with what appears to be breaking news for the internet and SEO. He said that HTTPS will be a slight ranking factor and give certain websites a boost.
Now it seems like many want to rush out and get HTTPS secure... But what is HTTPS and does your website really need it and if so why
First off HTTPS stands for secured socket layer or by acronym "SSL". This is primarily for those sites gathering highly sensitive information like Lending Forms, Pay Portals, Registration Forms, Affiliate and Merchant forms that contain personal information, Shopping Carts, Employment Forms, Profile Forms, IRS forms, W3 forms which are usually pdf... Any governmental forms, Public Works forms, and so on.
Yes, if you have one of these types of websites then HTTPS is right for you. But if are writing a blog, writing news, sharing media, travel and tour guides, visually selling something but want them to contact you be email or phone, or basically any site that does not collect personal data then you are wasting your time and money to HTTPS your website.
Sure we would love to have your SSL business but let us review rather or not this is beneficial for your business.
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https, security, and SEO revisited

After many months ago and study it appears that there is some validity to utilizing https and building some sort of trust and confidence in the privacy of information and the way that it is addressed and so on...


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