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What is my SERP

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One of the many things we look at when we are doing search engine optimization is how well your website is ranking which we call search engine results page(s). The better the position of your keywords and or phrases can determine your current website traffic and how well you are converting leads into sales. If your keywords or keyphrases for your website are placing your website visibility on any page other than the first two then you are more than likely getting zero traffic. Your title, your h-tags, and content convey to search engines how to rank your keywords and key phrases.

What is SERP ??

Search Engine Results Page, or "SERP", is a listing of results on search engines pages ( Google, Bing, Yahoo, Yandex, Baidu ) in relationship to a query of or using one or more keywords or keyword phrases that a user has entered. The pages of results that you will see are the SERPs.

Why are SERPs important ??

Whether or not you think that SERPs are important is up to you. If you have a website however, and would like it do well, it is the positioning of your website in the SERPs that should be of prime concern to you. Simply put - if a user can't find your site, how will they ever visit your site ?

How can I check my SERP Rank ??

Simple - using the position checker in our free seo tools, just enter the domain name, URL of your website, as well as the keyword(s) that you would like to check your positioning for. Another free tool we recommend for the DIY type of person is

How many keywords can I check for ??

You can enter as many as you want with our position checker tool. However, in order to get a better picture of how your site performs, it is best to enter key phrases, preferrably those that your shopper or client would enter if searching for a site like your own.
We also recommend that our DIY type person also explore using to get some insight as to who your competion is using the same keywords as this will show you the most popular websites.

How can I improve my SERP Ranking ??

Now that you know how to find your SERP the next step - Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ) which is an extremely important factor of the success of any website. There are various methods that an optimizor can do to increase your SERP of your websites, such as building backlinks, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and many others.
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