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  free stuff free content 06/01/2020 11:58am (UTC)
One of the biggest concepts of marketing is for individuals to get and or obtaining stuff and or content for free. This website in itself is full of free information, free news, free tools, and more... However, there are several paid services as well.

Free stuff and or free content is not always a better or best strategy for professionals selling goods and or services but we as a majority like free things. And we as the public eat it up from concerts, to sporting events, to public events, to the neighborhood block parties

When we go through a grocery store or go to a carnival we are often offered free food products or the handy refrigerator magnet. Your taste buds are expected to tell your brain how great the products are, while the free carnival stuff are to hieghten your awareness of a brand.

As a promoter of sorts I have hundreds of T-shirts, and other free materials from across the globe.

As to offering free stuff and or content on your website or blog I will express a caveat to this practice... What one may offer in the physical business world may be a very costly giveaway in the internet world.

We plan on expanding further on this topic because there are so many gimmicks, baiting folks to give away their own information, while getting a dime or a dollar product and or bad services. Free is not always Good.

Do your homework, research the company, the products, the services, the cost, and so on beyond the "free" giveaway. If you have an experience or related product and or service let us know, and we will review it and lets make the web a better place together. - is one of the most well known and recognized names when it comes to free content widgets by users and website owners worldwide. These widgets are easily installed and user friendly. The free dictionary, the free thesaurus, article of day, the quote of the day, this day in history, famous birthdays, and much more. - This website is packed with thousands of free goodies. - This website is full of games, tools, gadgets and so on for everyone all for free.
Click here for fun, free games-web tools-freeware! - This website is well laid out and has numerous content widgets on a wide array of subjects for a website owner to simply copy & paste
Free Sticky - Your source of free content!

By the way: We are not affiliated with any of these websites nor can we say they are or will be the absolute best for your website.

Today we started to review several websites but began to see a pattern of sites where they want you to buy products. Not a good day for, "free stuff free content ".

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