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  getting edu backlinks 09/28/2020 3:14am (UTC)
Getting edu backlinks are very authoritive and say much about your website as a reference to the academic field.
Myself, Robert BrownFarley, having more than 40 years in computer programming and computer sciences field may be seen as a living authority. But I have not wrote a thesis or academic paper on or for the academic community, nor have I been cited. I don't spend countless hours of writing technical support answers to questions. I work like those whom came before me and many now in this industry. This in many ways makes me less of an authority, thus less desirable to backlink to non-academically and academically.
The problems with this posture is when we, or in this sunario me, is discussing and or aiding others on various blogs, forums, and social platforms those whom we communicate view what we have to say as experience, thus authoritive.
Year after year, many are given honorable mention awards and honorable degrees based on just field experience and some based on actual notable achievement within a field by corporations and the academic world.
When I started out there was no Internet as we see it today and most all the programs were written with simple tasks of data file retrieval...

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Criteria for a dot edu domain

Since October 29, 2001, just postsecondary establishments and associations that are institutionally licensed by an organization on the U.S. Division of Education's rundown of broadly perceived certifying offices are qualified to apply for an edu domain. To be qualified, an establishment must be situated in the U.S., lawfully composed in the U.S., or perceived by a U.S. state, regional, or government organization. College framework workplaces, junior college locale workplaces, and different elements inside the United States that are sorted out to oversee and represent various licensed postsecondary establishments might likewise enlist .edu area domains. Each qualified establishment is restricted to enrolling one .edu area name, however foundations might likewise utilize names in other top-level areas.

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