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SEO my Local Business Profile

Local SEO Step-By-Step

By: Robert BrownFarley
Lets start off with some basics for business such as NAP: Name, Address, Phone No.
Google recommends businesses to use to create a NAP markup snippet. There are numerous additions available to add business times, payment methods, products, and more.
Your First URL should look something like this in lower case letters or This is easy for Google and other search engines index your website by city and services. Plus this is easy for your clients to find you quicker.
The next step is setting up your meta tags such as your description, language, geo tag, company, author, date established, publisher, copyright, cache, and so on... These tags are read by search to establish ownership via crawlers or bots. Setting these as well as h-tags and alt-tags help search engines focus placement of your business within search electronically.
This next steps are probably the most crucial of as curating good unique quality relevant content for your business in atleast 600 words.
First research good keywords and key phrases specific for your particular business niche.
Use these keywords or key phrases to create a frequency rate of 2 to 3% of the total number of words.
Use them in bold and italic forms as well as common text.
Hyperlink them to keywords or key phrases in other URLs ie... builing your SEO to plumbing in st. louis to These are known as contextual anchors and internal links.
Most generally you will have a "Contact Us" page make sure you have the same NAP information that you have on your Google Places, Google Plus, and Google Maps. Also this information will be picked up by other directories over time as your internet presents grows.
Speaking of internet growth, blogging regularly helps build your authority as a professional, then follow up with building your social media presence to engage potential clientel.
Each of these steps will develope your local SEO and increase your overall website sales.
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