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Website Promotions Come In Many Forms

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Website Promotions come in all sorts of forms and sizes and we are marketing specialists with a vast amount of knowledge and experience(s).
In this article we focus on the many ways to promote and or market websites...
Every product and or service comes with its own uniqueness and challenges and its own niche marketing strategies.
Marketing your website, your product, or your service is not an exact - it is a science and concepts of marketing.
People actually spend many years in life and in colleges learning various marketing techniques while others appear to be naturals and can sell "ice to an eskimo" as other generations have stated.
Many on our staff have spent numerous years putting together their portfolio of knowledge and experience on using the internet to market websites, products, and services.
Some of the ways listed below are DIY methods, which we can help you with, while other methods are best handled through our services.
The initial list was compiled by Jennifer Bourn in 2012 at "74 Ideas To Market Your Website". Some of those on her list however may nolonger be valuable in today`s marketplace due to changes in the internet and search in general. Also by no means is this a total 100% complete list.
  • 1.Attend networking events
  • 2.Join the board/leadership for a networking group
  • 3.Start a new networking group
  • 4.Host a seminar, workshop, or event
  • 5.Referrals from past and current clients
  • 6.Speak at events for leads
  • 7.Referrals from centers of influence
  • 8.Speak at events for free and sell from the stage
  • 9.Build relationships with centers of influence
  • 10.Speak for a fee
  • 11.Host a teleclass or telesummit
  • 12.Sponsor events and have a booth
  • 13.Be a guest on a teleclass or telesummit
  • 14.Publish content regularly to your own blog
  • 15.Host a webinar or video training
  • 16.Make your blog available on the Kindle
  • 17.Be a guest on a webinar or video training
  • 18.Publish guest blog posts on other blogs
  • 19.Send targeted press releases to media
  • 20.Link and/or ad exchange with another blog
  • 21.Leverage online press release distribution
  • 22.Comment on other blogs of influence
  • 23.Respond to HARO requests
  • 24.Create a Smart Phone app for your site/blog
  • 25.Leave testimonials on other sites
  • 26.Start a podcast and publish on iTunes
  • 27.Participate in Joint Ventures
  • 28.Create strategic partnerships
  • 29.Join boards with other centers of influence
  • 30.Volunteer and get involved in your community
  • 31.Participate in online forums
  • 32.Publish a print newsletter
  • 33.Article submission to online directories
  • 34.Publish an online or email newsletter
  • 35.Article submission to print publications
  • 36.Host a contest or giveaway
  • 37.Consistently improve your website
  • 38.Add new, valuable resources to your site often
  • 39.Send direct mail to your list
  • 40.Publish videos on YouTube and other video sites
  • 41.Send direct mail to a purchased list
  • 42.Get listed in trade/industry directories
  • 43.Send a warm letter or referral letter
  • 44.Serve as expert faculty for a group/association
  • 45.Be a guest on BlogTalk radio shows
  • 46.Optimize your website and content
  • 47.Be a local or national radio show guest
  • 48.Print brochures and display at partner businesses
  • 49.Be a local or national TV show guest
  • 50.Distribute and/or mail flyers
  • 51.Host an internet TV show
  • 52.Write and book and get published
  • 53.Create and market an affiliate program
  • 54.Write and self publish your own book
  • 55.Wear branded t-shirts with your URL
  • 56.Give away branded t-shirts with your URL
  • 57.Advertise on Radio and Television
  • 58.Advertise in print publications
  • 59.Advertise with swag in event goody bags
  • 60.Advertise with Google AdWords
  • 61.Advertise on Craigslist and classified sites
  • 62.Advertise with Google Image/Banner ads
  • 63.Advertise on authority website
  • 64.Advertise with Facebook ads
  • 65.Create an active network on Facebook
  • 66.Create an active network on Twitter
  • 67.Create an active network on LinkedIn
  • 68.Create an active network on YouTube
  • 69.Participate in LinkedIn Groups/Discussions
  • 70.Create an active network on Google+
  • 71.Answer LinkedIn Questions
  • 72.Write and share case studies and success stories
  • 73.Apply for awards and industry recognition
  • 74.Get featured as a case study or success story
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