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  what are citations 08/18/2019 3:06am (UTC)
What Are Citations?
Citations are often defined as a form of, a brand mention of, reference of, or resource of, your business name on websites or directory other than your own, which usually include your company address and or company phone number, even if there is no referring link to your website. Examples of a citation might be ezlocal directory, yellowpages, browns, or any of hundreds of professionally recognized directories where your business is listed, but not linked to. It can also be on the website for a local rotary, Chamber of Commerce, BBB, or other local business or trade associations where your business details and operating information can be found regardless of professional website links. However, in this day and age your website "is" listed as a storefront location as more and more businesses are moving online and away from physical addresses. The same as commercial phone numbers to cell phone numbers.
These are not the same as forum or blog comment backlnks which may or may not include a business details / profile, in strength as credibility or authority however they are extremely significant powerful traffic generators and in high regards and recognition by search engines.

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