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  writing an essay or creating website 07/13/2020 7:53pm (UTC)

Creating A Website 0r Writing An Essay

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Often I and others have referred to building a website is like writing an essay. Each step or page has its place just as in a book.
The book of course is the whole website from the main landing page ( Content Is King ), the introduction ( home page ), the table of content ( menu ), then about the author ( About Us ), then the lead chapter or chapters ( SEO, SEM, SMM, PPC, SEO Education, and so on ), the summary and or the conclusion ( SEO Request an audit )
Now within each of these chapters are essays starting out with the most important paragraph first - The subject and the bullet points supporting the subject, then each bullet point are defined within the next paragraphs. Some of these paragrphs may need more defining as sub-paragrphs to support them. Once that is done then we close with a brief summary and with a lead in to the next Chapter. Then we repeat the process again in that chapter, until each chapter is finite...
Once you have completed all the chapters now it is time to bring it home with the conclusion and or the summary as to the importancy of all these chapters which outlines the results and benefits of the book and how they, the reader, can order or get more information.
Like most, I don`t really like writing essays but I do like a well laidout website that speaks to me like a good book.

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